How to use SSL pinning with cordova-plugin-advanced-http ?


It’s little bit complex task for the new programmers to use SSL pinning with cordova-plugin-advanced-http plugin. Plugin installation and usage is not so complex, but most of the people have no idea about how to obtain the .cer file for SSL pinning purpose.

I have already published a blog post about how to generate the .cer file, You may just read this blog post first.

In my project i just want to use an HTTPs based url from my ionic application, My client told me its very important for him because we are transferring some sensitive data through this API.

Firstly, I just installed the cordova-plugin-advanced-http plugin and its npm module in our ionic project and then i search on google to find how to generate .cer file. Most of the results just showing some results about how to convert a .pem file to .crt file and actually not solving my issues.

Example ionic application

I have created a git repository to share my sample application

Git URL https://github.com/sijovijayan/SSL-pinning-with-ionic-cordova-example



SSL Pinning may not work properly with Live Reload mode