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how to connect to aws ec2 instance from windows computer without putty

Hello Techies,

I don’t really like to use putty because i’m a linux user for development. Recently i wanted to connect to an AWS EC2 instance from my windows 10 pc, AWS recommended to use Putty or their CLI. But I don’t like none of those methods, we cannot use windows command prompt or power shell to accomplish the same without doing some modification on the system. So that i connected to aws using GitBash tools.


Use GitBash

It is very easy to use for a linux user, because GitBash support some linux commands like ls, ls -la , whoami etc..

First of all we need to locate our  private key file (.pem) file on our pc, I have already downloaded the pem file from aws when i created my ec2 instance. Right now its located in my ‘downloads’ folder so that, i just changed the current directory of gitbash to ‘downloads’ folder using cd command.

As i said before, my pem file is located in downloads folder, so that now i can run the command to connect to aws using my pem file called sijo.pem

ssh -i “SIJO.pem”

Now, my gitbash connected to my aws ec2 instance as show in the following picture.



This is how to use SSH connection from windows machine without PUTTY. You can also connect to a linux server from gitbash without pem file as well.

I hope this post will be helpful for someone.